--SPOILER-- Well kind of. Since at this point the book is in pre-printing, the only thing available at the moment is the first 50 pages. Some of the notes here outline WELL past that. But I mean...just look at the pretty pictures and glaze your eyes over. IT'LL be over before you even notice!

Doodles that happened while in meetings. COVERT mid-meeting doodling!

This is from what had to be like manual hard edit #3 (you won't imagine how many edits I've done) where I'm trying to escape my own head and see if it makes any sense on the outside. This is the result, a horrible scribbled, mangled map...scene...something.

Then an update when I realized my horribly horrible scribbled, mangled map...scene...something makes no sense and I updated it with MORE SCRIBBLES!

"Do your actions make sense, you monkey with a keyboard?" drawings. Here I'm trying to figure out Manhattan's traffic movement (you need a community college certification to understand this, I don't know how they do it) after a 3 day trip where I wandered around aimlessly. My travels weren't much helps as you can tell.

It was really hard to keep Greek mythology out in light of the heavy biblical references, but alas, she managed to sneak her way a time or two.

The streets of Doyers. I actually walked back there during my trip o'wandering. It's pretty cool after you learn the history. The locals didn't necessarily appreciate me ducking behind signs and pointing my finger gun at them as they rounded the Bloody Angle.

So I have a mother (of course I have a mother) to which things (no matter what) have to make implicit sense. So when I ran through the "strings" premise, she asked me questions like I was a rocket scientist in my own manuscript (which I am, but damn it). To explain to her without using my hands and really stupid faces and a gallon of "Um, so yeah, you know?'s" I ended up drawing these. Ended up helping my own thought process.

This thing was really important to me. It was me crossing the Rubicon, where even after ignoring what everyone was telling me about publishing this, that it wasn't until I was crazy enough to draft this up for the fan fiction, that maybe I should listen. Like I've mentioned, this started out as a SHINee fan fiction and was adapted for publishing based on some other ideas I had. Thus why there are 10 million adorable Asian people here you've probably never seen before. BUT they gave my ideas grounding, purpose and tangibility. This chart is EVERYTHING to me.

No red pens were harmed during the editing of this manuscript and BOY AM I LYING. I went through 30 of them. Easily. Black markers were wacked, too. I did about 4-5 edits (of 95,000 words) The first being a fan fiction to literary revision and the others were just general "this sounds like crap, REWRITE UNTIL YOU DIE" edits. It was fun (no it wasn't)

Real life obsessive storyboarder. SURROUNDED BY MY STORY AT ALL TIMES. All over my room. Posters, all on my blinds, all on my computer screens (I have three. Yes, yes, right.)